Director of the Convention – Nathan Ronin
Assistant Manager – Oded Cohen
Assistant Manager – Dror Tal
Admin. Manager – Efrat Carmon
Funds Consultant – Liron Dinovich
Funds Manager – Hadar Mizrachi
Pre-orders Zone Manager – Ariel Rotenberg
Mngmt. Systems Admin – Ben Dinovich
Data Center Admin – Dor Nisenhouse
Data Center Assistant – Ofir Pernik
Foreign Relations & Accommodation Manager – Ori Markovitch
Foreign Relations & Accommodation Manager – Sem Daniel
Foreign Relations & Accommodation Team – Meitar Klausner
Foreign Relations & Accommodation Team – Netta Weiss
Guests of Honor Escort – Chen Weiss
Suppliers Manager – Raz Etgar
Harassment Prevention Manager – Amit Sasson
Content Manager – Maya Sarel
Content Assistant – Guy Tamir
Content Assistant – Amir Gal Philos
Content Production – Gal Perry
Content Production – Roy Rips
Content Production – Yuval Ronen
Content Production – Talia Novich
Content Production – Rei Amsalem
Cosplay Manager – Paloma Perlov
Cosplay Assistant – Dafna Mirochnikov
Cosplay Assistant – Guy Sokoletsky
Logistics Admin – Tomer Shalev
Logistics Assistant – Omer Cohen
Quartermaster – Noam Gal
Assistant Quartermaster – Dovrat Zaken Ofir
Purchase Manager – Omri Yogev
Safety, Setup & Dismantling Manager – Igor Safronov
Safety, Setup & Dismantling Assistant – Jacob Gidron
Human Resources Manager – Ariel Clapper
Human Resources Staff – Ofek Barkol
Human Resources Staff – Angel Zolotnitski
Human Resources Staff – Alon Avrahami
Human Resources Staff – Noam Polotsky
Technical Consultant – Raz Etgar
Technical Manager – Ode Leibovitz
Computing/Technical Logistics Admin – Gilad Bronshtein
Computing Assistant – Tom Aviv
Computing Assistant – Shai Fruend
Production Manager – Shay “Shinai” Kadosh
Production Assistant – Omer Joshua
Sound Systems Manager – Sela Weinrob
Lighting Manager – Tomer Ivan
Screening Manager – Shany Levi
Documentation Manager – Nimrod Sakal
Marketing Manager – Yarden Livny
Marketing Assistant – David Tzur
Marketing Assistant – Guy Eshel
Editing Manager – Gal Eylon
Editing Assistant – Neta Erez
Creative Consultant – Sharon Turner
Site System Admin. – Eli Mordechaiev
Site Content Manager – Odelia Yechiel
Site Content Assistant – Chen Weiss
English Translation – Mike Mendelson
Application Admin – David Bahat
Application Admin – Tal Sapan
Stands Manager – Ayelet Cohen
Stands Assistant – Tamar Fragman
Stands Assistant – Amit Dabbas
Stands Assistant – Eyal Horn
Stands Assistant – Nadav Cohen
Stands Assistant – Sonia Sinelnikov
Art Director – Lee Tsipkin
Head of Design – Shani Vidal
Head of Animation – Anita Kreppel
Print Manager – Odelia Yechiel
Print Consultant – Maayan Elbaz
Accessibility Manager – Liad Bar Shilton
Accessibility Assistant – Raanan Fickler
Accessibility Assistant – Karen Haim