What would a convention be without costumes?

The word ‘Cosplay’ is a portmanteau (combination) of the words ‘Costume’ & ‘Role-play’. The meaning of the term ‘Cosplay’ is to dress as characters from various titles and fandoms, and even acting as the characters.   

The cosplay sub-culture is very popular in Japan, and in the global anime and manga community in general.

In the Harucon 2019 convention, there will be several events dedicated to cosplay, which are meant to provide a stage for the Israeli cosplay community and its talented members. 

The Convention’s Cosplay Events:

The Cosplay Competition

The Cosplay Competition is meant for anyone who has sewn/constructed/assembled/welded/cast/summoned a cosplay, and would like to present it on stage. Any person who has made their cosplay, without professional assistance, is allowed to sign  up. Those who signed up for the contest are judged on the day of the convention. The Cosplay competition has three categories – Solo, Veteran Solo and Groups.

The WCS Category

The World Cosplay Summit is an international cosplay contest that occurs every year in Nagoya, Japan.
The Israeli WCS contest, which will take place in every Harucon, will act as a preliminary contest in which a pair of winners will get to represent Israel at the global WCS contest in Japan.

Skit Contest

A skit is an acting piece, dance or performance which are presented by cosplayers on stage. A skit can be anything – from a satirical sketch to a dance piece fitting for the character. Those who signed up for the skit contest are judged on the day of the convention, during the cosplay event.

Cosplay Runway Event

The purpose of the contest is to allow cosplayers to freely express themselves and present their cosplays equally, without competing against each other.

The Judges:

The Cosplay Contest Judges:

Photo: Omri J. Sharon

Yael Fried

A cosplayer for over ten years. Hats are her true passion in cosplay. Has won several past contests, including first place in solo veterans and casts. This would be the fifth time she judges a contest.

Photo: Maria Vako

Liz Schneider
A cosplayer for over ten years. Has judged in past cosplay competitions in the Anime and Gaming communities.
“I started sewing once I realized I’ll never find such a thing in a store, so my mom taught me the basics and I continued from there myself.”

To Liz Schneider’s Page

Photo: Inbar Gold

Nimrod Gold

A cosplayer for over 7 years, very active in every aspect of the cosplay community. Often creates costumes with his twin brother, especially from Clamp titles.

To Nimrod Gold’s cosplay page

The Skit Judges:

Gili Ran
Attends conventions since 2010, has a background of various studies in Theatre and is experienced on the stage. Participated in various musicals hosted by AMAI & Icon, such as Pandora (Dancer) and 2Dmusical (King Malchior).

Asya Greenberg

Participates in the community’s events since 2010, has a diverse background in theatre and music.
Participated in various original productions at AMAI and Icon’s conventions, such as “Thank you for Choosing” (The Duchess), Pandora (Village Woman A) and 2Dmusical (Aika).

WCS Contest Judges:

Tokumaru Oguri

Mr. Tokumaru Oguri
CEO and founder of the WCS Contest.

A message from Oguri:
 “I eagerly await seeing the performances of the Israeli Cosplayers who will appear for the first time at WCS. As usual, I will evaluate the creativity of the cosplayers, but of course I will judge them by their love for creating.”

Hikari Green

Ms. Hikari Green
A Japanese cosplayer living in Tokyo, who has worked with cosplay for over 17 years.
Last year she founded an independent fashion brand. Green works closely with the news agencies NIKKEI and Forbes, and has participated in Japanese Television with Crunchyroll and worked at the WCS contest itself.

You can find Hikari on Instagram and Facebook.
To Hikari Green’s official Website

Tal Markovitch

Ms. Tal Markovitch
A fashion design graduate of Shenkar, nowadays teaches sewing in an academic track. Sews with specialization in theatre, dance and commercials for about 5 years.

You can find Tal on Youtube and Facebook.

Sivan Magen

Ms. Sivan Magen
A former cosplayer, owns a studio for evening and brides dresses, judges in AMAI’s contests for over two years and has won two past competitions. Has a geek’s soul and sewing and design in her blood.

A message from Sivan:
“Good luck to everyone!!”

To Sivan’s Facebook page

Karin Vasiluk

Mrs. Karin Vasiluk (BOOBA MACHO)
A fashion designer, particularly unique fashion items inspired by Japanese fashion.
Of Karin’s famous works:
– The white furry pon-pon jacket worn by Netta Barzilai on “At” Magazine’s cover.
– The pink tulle dress from Netta Barzilai’s clip “Bassa Sababa”.
In the past she never missed any convention, and is recently making a comeback.

To Karin Vasiluk’s official website