For your convenience, we divided this page into five categories so you’ll have an easy time finding the relevant answer for your question.

Of course, if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in one of those categories, you are welcome to contact us through the Contact page or ask us through our facebook page.

When will the event be held?

The convention is going to be held on Thursday, March 21, 2019.

Where will the event be located?

The convention will be held at the International Conventions Center in Jerusalem.

For detailed explanation on how to arrive and information about the International Conventions Center, please see the “About” tab in About The Venue & Directions

For whom is the event?

The target demographic of this convention are Anime, Manga, and Japanese culture enthusiasts, but the event is also open to the public and anyone who would like to know more about these subjects.

What is the convention's theme?

The theme of this year’s convention will be RPG (Role Playing Games).

What's on offer in the con?

There will be many attractions and activities – a large number of commercial and independent stalls with Anime and Manga merch, movie showings, a costume (cosplay) competition, engaging lectures, fascinating panels, gaming zones, a console tournament and much more.

More information will be available soon under “Events” in the top menu.

What am I not allowed to bring in to the convention?

There are some basic security regulations that apply to venue, therefore it is forbidden to use any physical object that can pose a danger to people – metallic swords (even blunt-edged or dulled), bats, clubs, hammers and other potential weapons that aren’t made of plastic, soft or padded materials.

Entry with any forbidden object will lead to its confiscation. If you aren’t sure whether or not your object is allowed, please send us a message with the description of your object through the “Contact Us” page.

I am an armed soldier, would I be able to enter the convention grounds?

According to instructions by the ICC, it is not permitted to bring weapons into the grounds. You can deposit the weapon, before entering the convention, at the nearby police station across the street.

Will there be a bag check service?

There will be a bag check stand open to all visitors, free of charge, from the convention’s opening till 7PM. Afterwards any remaining items will be taken to the Information stand.
Any property left behind by the end of the convention will be moved to AMAI’s storage.
Please note: The convention’s staff are not liable for the condition of objects. Please refrain from leaving any expensive or fragile items.

Do I need to pre-register to enter the convention?

There is no need to register ahead of time. You can purchase an entry ticket at the registers during the day the convention’s held, in early physical sales across the country or online pre-order via the website’s order page.

What does require registering or signing up ahead of time?

You can sign up to volunteer at the convention, host content, set up a booth and participate in cosplay events.

I signed up a few days ago and haven't gotten a confirmation or reply, what can I do?

A reply is normally sent within 48 hours (unless specified otherwise). If you haven’t received a reply within the listed estimate, you can resend the form, or contact us either on the event’s facebook page or through our contact page.

Who do I contact if I'm having technical issues with a sign up form?

If a technical problem occurs with a form, you can email us at [email protected], report it on the convention’s event page or through the Contact Us page, we’ll be happy to fix the problem as soon as possible.

How do I sign up to contribute to the convention?

Unfortunately, registration is currently closed.
However, even after Harucon’s registration closes, this year’s content team is available to answer your questions at [email protected], and would even be happy to accompany and recruit lecturers for events and cooperative actions besides conventions, throughout the whole year.

Are there age restrictions for signing up?

By law, volunteering is permitted only from the age of fifteen and above.
Presenting content counts as volunteering, as there is no pay, and therefore is restricted from the age fifteen and over.

Can I register / sign-up without agreeing to the convention's regulations?

No, the regulations exist as clear guidelines for those who register and for the content team to maintain coordinated work.
Those regulations are final and serve as a prerequisite condition for approving your registration.

What content related activities can I find at the convention?

In the convention you’ll find a variety of activities:
Lectures, panels, events, a cosplay event and a variety of many more activities that will be revealed in the coming months.

How may I contact the content team directly?

In case of questions or request, you can contact the team via email at [email protected] ,
However, a direct query is not exempt from the regulations and does not guarantee different treatment than a request via the website’s forms.

I'm a private/commercial entity and interested in joining the convention's content activities, who should I contact?

The Internal Relations team will gladly receive and address any personal or professional query regarding taking part in content events.
For further information, you can email the Internal Relations team at [email protected]


How long is a shift?

Each shift is approximately 4 hours long. We recommend eating a bit before your shift begins, so you won’t get hungry during it.

When and where will the briefing take place?

For this convention, no physical briefing will occur. Instead, a briefing video will be posted to the volunteers’ Facebook group. Along with it there will be a live Q&A on 16.1.2019, where volunteers will be able to ask questions.
You will also receive a short refresher briefing before your shift begins.

What happens if I can't make it to the convention or my shift?

Inform us as soon as possible! we won’t be mad or go after you, we just need to know as soon as possible so we can prepare accordingly and find a substitute.

When will meals be provided during the convention?

Meals will be available for the morning shift after their shift ends. Meals will be available to the noon and evening shifts before their shifts begin.

Where will the meals be provided?

The meals will be available in the volunteers’ room.

Do I need parental approval to volunteer?

Anyone under the age of 18 is required to provide proof of parental approval to volunteer.

How and to where do I send my proof of parental approval?

You will need to send the form to Human Resources’s email: [email protected].
You can print the form, have your parents sign it, scan the form and include it in your registration form.
If you have already registered, you can edit the registration form to include the permission form.
Alternatively, you can sign the form digitally using photoshop/paint and include the file in the registration form.

When is the parental approval is due?

You will need to include the file while registering. If there is a delay in including the permission form, please refer to the human resources team by email ( [email protected] ) to guarantee your spot before registration closes.

Do my volunteering hours at the convention count as "Mehuyavot Ishit" program hours for school?

Not all schools consider volunteering at the convention as valid “Mehuyavot Ishit” hours, but if your school does considers it as such, we will gladly sign your hours form.

When will we know our assignment?

The assignments will be given 1-2 months before the convention.
Make sure to keep track of updates given by the human resources team.

Can I change my assigned role after receiving it?

In the event you find someone who’s willing to swap assignments with you, yes.
You can ask another volunteer if they are willing to swap, and if they are, you will need to send us your name and the name of the volunteer with whom you’re swapping assignments.

How do I choose which role I want?

In the registration form there is a section named “role preferences”, there you must list the roles you want by preference.
We promise we’ll try to answer the requests of everyone, but we cannot guarantee you’ll get the assignment you want.
The sooner you register, the more likely it’ll be for us to assign you based on your listed preferences.

I want to volunteer to a role involving cosplay, who do I need to contact?

As there is a high demand for roles in cosplay, there are less spots available.
You can sign up, fill the form accordingly and note as such in the comment section.
We will try our best to assign you based on your preferences, but if there are no available spots, we will assign you to another role you noted.

I want to volunteer with the design team, who do I need to contact?

Volunteering in the design team is a different type of volunteering.
If you are interested in volunteering exclusively in designs, do not sign up with the volunteer form, instead refer directly to the design team at [email protected] and include in the email your portfolio

When is the volunteers' meet up?

The volunteers’ meet up will take place sometime before the convention, the specific date will be sent as soon as possible via email.

How much does a ticket cost?

Ticket cost details will be available soon.

How much does it cost to enter the events of the convention?

The events are free and do not require additional fees beyond the initial entry cost of the convention ticket.

Where can I purchase an entry ticket?

Tickets will be available for purchase at the registers in the entrance during the day of the convention, in early physical sales across the country or online pre-order.
Ticket sales will begin soon.

How do I receive a ticket ordered online?

Tickets ordered online will be available for pickup at the designated reception booth for pre-orders.
You will need to present (either printed or on your phone) the confirmation receipt sent to your email after completing the purchase.

Please note: Tickets will not be sent via postal service.

Can I pay with a credit card on the day of the convention?

Indeed you can!
On the day of the convention you’ll be able to choose to pay either in cash or in credit.