Manga Cafe

The Social Manga Cafe returns for the sixth time to AMAI’s conventions!

Have you always thought conventions are a good opportunity to meet new people? Want more friends to wander around with during the convention? The Social Manga Cafe is here for you!

At the Social Manga Cafe will be several tables organized by conversation topics in various fields, manga and anime, and you can sit with others and talk with them about your favorite titles – and meet new people in the process.

The list of subjects will be chosen on the Manga Cafe Project’s Facebook page, and you’ll be able to decide what titles will be chosen for discussion at the various tables.

The hours of the event are 10:00-12:00, but they are non-committal and you can come and go whenever you please during its running hours. If you feel that the discussion is over at a specific table or that you’re left alone, you can always move to another table to discuss another anime/manga that interests you!

The Go Corner

A 4,000 year old board game from the far east, the rules are simple, but its depth is limitless!

The game is especially important in Japanese culture, and is known from the successful anime “Hikaru No Go”.

The corner will be active for the entire day and will allow to learn how to play, to try out the game and even play with experienced or beginner players.

The corner is operated by The Israeli Go Community, which aims to promote Go, Go activities, distributing the game, improving familiarity with the game on its various levels and increasing the number of players in Israel.

The Gunpla Station

Gunpla (a portmanteau of the words Gundam Plastic Model), is the hobby of assembling models of the mecha from the various Gundam series 

We invite you to come to the stand with a model from home or a brand new one purchased in the convention, and get guidance and assistance with assembly, tips and have fun assembling together. We will be happy to assemble with everyone – in all levels and ages.

For more information go to the Gunpla Israel Facebook group.

We thank the store Akiba for their cooperation in setting up the station.

The Card and Strategy Games Corner

This corner will be operated by the store “Hamamlacha”, a store that specializes in board games, roleplaying games, comics, LARP and cosplay outfits, card games, miniatures and more.

This corner is meant for free play, and you can find there games like “King of Tokyo”, “Dixit”, “Zombie Cubes”, “Revolution” and more.

Furthermore, guidance for the games will be provided.


The Consoles Corner

In this convention you can enjoy the consoles corner. The corner will have four Sony PS4 consoles, a Switch console and a DDR station!
Among the planned games there will be: Jump Force, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, My Hero One Justice and more!