Welcome to the most glamorous event of the year! AMAI’s Anime Awards Ceremony!
What were the best Anime of 2019? Inthis ceremony we will test the contestants, songs, characters and even the “ships” that made our year and we decide – who were the best of the best and which series you must add to your watch list!

In this event we look over all the Anime that came out in 2019 and test them in a number of categories.
The contestants of each category are chosen by our panel of judges, a specially selected avid anime fans. Following that, you get the scepter! Yes, yes, you get to choose which contestants in each category are going to be the happy winners!

The categories are:

  • Series of the Year
    Which Anime series was the best in 2019?
  • Ongoing Series of the Year
    In this category are all your known and loved Anime that got new seasons in 2019.
  • Best Animation of the Year
    Which series made our eyes celebrate with delight? Which series took advantage of the animation potential in the best way? This category might not be for the best series, but it is for the most beautiful.
  • Best Opening Theme of the Year
    Almost every anime starts with a catchy opening theme that hypes us up before the beginning of the episode. Which opening theme was the best? Not just musically, but also showcasing the characters, the animation and the mix of sound and imagery.
  • Best Ending Theme of the Year
    Contrary to opening themes, the show creators allow themselves to create less explosive ending themes, but more artistic. Which series had the most beautiful, innovative and artistic ending theme?
  • Best Boy
    One of the most important things in an Anime are the characters – and we decide which ones were the best of 2019. Which character made us get excited and relate most to them, while making us want to buy merchandise with their face on it?
  • Best Girl
    Some might say this category is the reason for the biggest battles of our generation. Which character made our hearts Doki Doki the most? Which one is truly the best? This battle will forever be a hard and bloody one.
  • Best Ship of the Year
    The couples that must end up together no matter what! Who were the OTP that excited, had the biggest support and made us hold our breath for the moment they confess their love for one another??
  • Best Anime of the Decade
    The Anime in this category weren’t just good, because we get good series every year. These Anime changed the fandom, the audience and what we think of Anime. Some of them even changed the face of the industry. The series that wins this title has to be the one to top all other great Anime of the decade! Which series is going to snatch the title – Best Anime of the Decade?

Please note: this event will be held in Hebrew.

Voting has ended. Thank you to all who have voted!
The winners will be announced at Harucon convention at 11:30 in the Main Hall.
There are some surprises waiting at the ceremony, be sure to attend!

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