The accessibility team is here for you. For any question or request you can contact the team at: [email protected]
Additionally, the team will be available for any issue during the day of the convention.


Mobility impairment, use of wheelchairs, walkers and baby strollers

The main entrance and the ticket stations are both fully accessible.
Between the venue floors are operating elevators for people who are mobility impaired.



There are fully accessible stalls in every restroom of the venue.


Blind and visually impaired

A convention’s program in a file suitable for screen readers will be available with the publish of the program on our website.


Deaf and hard of hearing

All video media presented at the convention’s events will be shown with Hebrew subtitles.


Accessible ticket stations

The rightmost booth of the convention’s ticket stations is an accessible booth. You can access booth by presenting a disability card to a nearby volunteer.



Anyone who presents a valid disability card is eligible for a free entry pass for an escort.


Early access for events

Presenting a disability card allows early access to events and an exemption from waiting in line. While purchasing a ticket at the accessible ticket office, an early-access sticker will be placed on the individual’s entry bracelet. Contact a nearby volunteer and show them either the sticker or a valid disability card for early access. The sticker will also be available at the information booth. The first row in the event halls are reserved for people with a disability card.


Parents Room

The parents room will include a breastfeeding corner, a diaper changing station and hot water. The room is only for the parents and their children. The location of the parents room will be updated soon.
Parent Room Guidelines and Regulations