“If it’s forbidden outside the convention, it’s forbidden inside the convention hall”.

Harucon aspires to create a pleasant, enjoyable environment for Japanese culture, animation and comics lovers, but we believe it’s important to remind our visitors to behave while abiding the conventions’ rules. Visitors who will violate these rules may be removed from the convention grounds with no refunds, and will even be banned from future conventions.

All visitors are asked to behave and mind their manners during the convention.


  1. Controlled substances (i.e drugs), alcohol, volatile materials and weapons (cold weapons and firearms) are forbidden on the convention grounds. Smoking is forbidden on the convention grounds.
  2. We ask you to be respectful towards our staff, visitors and the convention grounds. Inappropriate behavior will be severely dealt with.
  3. The convention’s management reserves the right to not approve registration for volunteering or various events (the cosplay event and such) based on behavior in past events or during the convention.
  4. Sales on the convention grounds is authorized only for private and commercial entities that have received approval from the convention management. Those who will be caught selling goods without authorization will be immediately removed from the convention grounds.
    *The above also applies to the collection of donations and the sale of services without the approval of the convention’s management.
  5. Due to the size of the event rooms on the convention grounds, there may be a limitation on the number of visitors in certain events, and there may be events where standing in line will be required.
    Please listen to staff instructions to ensure a quick and ordered seating arrangement.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to move from the convention’s grounds to other areas of the convention hall.
    Visitors who are caught in areas outside the designated convention grounds will be immediately removed from the convention.

Harassment of Convention Goers

  1. The visitors of the convention are our guests and enthusiasts just like each and every one of you, therefore you should respect them and remember that harassment of any kind (physical or verbal) will not be tolerated. Guests who will be caught committing such acts will be removed from the convention’s grounds and legal actions will be considered according to the severity of those actions. The decision on the severity of those actions is subject to the judgment of the relevant convention staff members.
  2. It is possible and recommended to approach our Information stand or any of the staff members to inform us of any and all forms of harassment or personal harm that have happened during the convention. Cases reported will be documented, and the convention’s management will ensure they are properly taken care of.


  1. Convention visitors will be able to store bags and personal belongings at the bag check stand, free of charge.
  2. The bag check stand will be open to visitors from the convention’s opening till 8:30PM, after which any item that wasn’t picked up will be placed at the Information stand.
  3. Any item that was not picked up by the end of the convention will be moved to AMAI’s storage.
  4. Depositing items will not be possible after 19:00.
  5. Convention staff and volunteers are not liable for the condition of items. Please refrain from leaving expensive or fragile items.
  6. While there will be supervision at the bag check area, Harucon staff is not responsible for the loss or theft of your belongings during the convention, please take care of them throughout the convention.

Food and Drinks

  1. According to the convention hall’s rules, only food and beverages brought from home are allowed. Food will also be available for purchase from the hall’s cafeteria during the convention.
  2. Entrance to all event rooms (content related rooms, the main hall, auditorium, etc) with food items is forbidden.

Entering the Convention

  1. A valid entry ticket is an entrance ticket which has not been presented to the staff of the bracelet distribution stand by the entrance of the convention, marked in the system and entitled its owner with an entry bracelet.
  2. Purchasing an entry ticket can be done through Harucon‘s online store or at the convention’s registers. When purchased a receipt will be received that contains a unique QR code which functions as an entry ticket, which visitors can convert to an entry bracelet at the bracelet distribution stand at the entrance to the convention.
  3. An entry to Harucon will only be permitted for those who wear an entry bracelet. The convention staff is permitted to remove from the premises any person who is found without an entry bracelet.
  4. An entry bracelet grants full access to all of the convention’s events depending on space limitations.
  5. Harucon will not refund tickets that have been purchased at the box office of the convention grounds, unless a special approval is given by the convention’s management.
  6. Visitors that pre-purchased an entry ticket will be able to cancel it and receive a refund until Monday, 02.03.2020. For any inquiries about the subject visitors are requested to send an email to the address [email protected]. A QR code associated with a cancelled ticket will be invalidated and unusable on the day of the convention.
  7. Please keep your entry bracelet safe at all times, as entry and exiting are only permitted while possessing it. Convention management does not guarantee a replacement entry bracelet to visitors who have lost their original bracelet..

Photography and Video

Tip: Always ask for permission before taking photos or filming someone.
  1. Please try to avoid creating a congestion in busier areas, such as stairwells or the stands area. A photographer which sets up a photography stand in high traffic areas will be asked to dismantle his setup.
  2. Taking photos or videos in content rooms will be permitted only if the authors allow it. Using a camera during screening events is forbidden.
  3. Flash photography during skits is forbidden for safety reasons.
  4. Harucon’s staff reserves the right to forbid photography or filming in various events on the convention grounds.
  5. Harucon’s staff may demand the deletion of unauthorized photographs or videos.
  6. Until 17:00 only staff members and photographers pre-selected by the convention’s management will be allowed to take pictures at the photography booth.
  7. During the convention, a documentation team* will be in charge of documenting the event.
  8. Buying an entry ticket is confirmation that you’re aware of the possibility of you being photographed or filmed and that it may be used by the organization.
    If you would like to request removal of any photos of you, please contact us at the following email address [email protected].
  9. The rights to the photographs belong to AMAI, and the organization is entitled to use the photos for marketing/promotional purposes at any time.

*Documentation Team – volunteers who were chosen by the convention’s staff and it is their job to document the event in still photos/videos for future use.

Sexual Assault Policies

Definition: Sexual assault is an act that is sexual in its nature (meaning any action or reference to a person’s sexuality) that is done without the consent of one side or the other.

AMAI’s Actions to Prevent Harassment

  1. The organization’s committee will appoint a person in charge of prevention of sexual harassment and will publish the forms of communication with them on the organization’s website and in a letter to the members of AMAI.
  2. The appointed person will make sure each convention has a staff member who is responsible for the prevention of sexual harassment and will be sure to guide them.
  3. The appointed person will be responsible for directing the staff and volunteers of each convention about the prevention of sexual harassment, debunking myths, giving basic tools for dealing both with the victim and the attacker.
  4. Rules of conduct at the organization’s events will be published on the organization’s website and will be linked to on the events’ websites.
  5. In no case will minors be allowed to participate in original productions that feature sexual content or ones that feature inappropriate outfits. The definition of “sexual content” as well as “inappropriate outfits” are determined by the person in charge of prevention of sexual harassment, as appointed by the organization’s committee, and according to the nature of the event and the age of the participants.
  6. Minors from the age of 15 will be allowed to participate in original productions, at the discretion of the person in charge of prevention of sexual harassment as appointed by the organization.
  7. Reports regarding sexual violence or harassment will be dealt with by the person in charge of prevention of sexual harassment as appointed by the organization while preserving the privacy of the reporter’s personal details. In case of a suspicion of sexual harassment, the person in charge of prevention of sexual harassment will write a case report on the matter for the organization’s committee after conducting an investigation and shall, if necessary, involve the appropriate authorities.
  8. In any case of sexual violence or harassment, the victims can contact the person in charge of prevention of sexual harassment as appointed by the organization via the following email: [email protected]

Rules of Conduct at AMAI Events

  1. Every visitor’s privacy and personal boundaries must be respected; there shouldn’t be any reference, both of physical and verbal nature, regarding anyone’s body, sexuality or sexual orientation.
  2. Sexual harassment of visitors, staff, volunteers or any other person is strictly forbidden.
  3. Committing indecent acts, as in, acts intended for the purpose of arousal, gratification or sexual humiliation, without consent is strictly forbidden.
  4. Making repeated suggestions of a sexual nature to a person who has shown that they are not interested is forbidden. A person in a position of authority at the convention will not make such suggestions under any circumstances to their subordinates.
  5. Making repeated references to a person’s sexuality is strictly forbidden when the person has shown that they are not interested. A person in a position of authority at the convention will not make such references under any circumstances to their subordinates.
  6. Humiliating or degrading speech in regards to a person’s sex or sexuality is strictly forbidden, including references to their sexual orientation.
  7. Any case or suspicion of inappropriate behavior should be reported to the person in charge of prevention of sexual harassment, as appointed by the organization’s committee, or their representative in the convention’s staff.
  8. The entrance of minors to adult-only events is prohibited.
  9. Wearing inappropriate attire on the convention grounds is forbidden. “Inappropriate attire” includes stage costumes, fan costumes, or any other outfit that exposes genitalia. The definition of a clothing item as “inappropriate” is subject to the discretion of the staff member who is responsible for the matter at the event, in accordance to the nature of the event and the age of the participants.
  10. Visitors who are wearing inappropriate attire will be asked to change or leave the premises. Minors will not be allowed to appear on stage in such attire. The staff member who is responsible for the prevention of sexual harassment must guide the directors of the various productions in advance regarding the matter.