What would a convention be without costumes?

The word ‘Cosplay’ is a portmanteau (combination) of the words ‘Costume’ & ‘Role-play’. The meaning of the term ‘Cosplay’ is to dress as characters from various titles and fandoms, and even acting as the characters.   

The cosplay sub-culture is very popular in Japan, and in the global anime and manga community in general.

At Harucon 2020, several events dedicated to cosplay are going to be featured, these events are meant to offer a stage for the Israeli cosplay community and its talented members.

The Convention’s Cosplay Events:

The Cosplay Competition

The Cosplay Competition is meant for anyone who has sewn/constructed/assembled/welded/cast or summoned a cosplay, and would like to present it on stage. Any person who has made their cosplay, without professional assistance, is allowed to sign up. Those who signed up for the contest are judged on the day of the convention. The Cosplay competition has three categories – Singles, Veteran singles and Groups.

Skit Contest

A skit is an acting piece, dance or performance which is presented by cosplayers on stage. A skit can be anything – from a satirical sketch to a dance piece fitting for the character. Those who signed up for the skit contest are judged on the day of the convention, during the cosplay event.

Cosplay Runway Event

The purpose of the event is to allow cosplayers to freely express themselves and present their cosplays equally, without competing against each other.

Cosplay Contest Judges

Alex Rud
Cosplaying since 2004, with over 9 years of experience in AMAI cosplay competitions. Past winnings include Singles, Pairs, Groups and Skits. Alex has a preference for cosplays from nostalgic titles and cosplays with historical types of clothing.

Oded Ainbinder
The Nameless Cosplayer, or by his less common name – Oded. Has been cosplaying for about 7 years and focuses on making armors and props. Oded has won many local cosplay competitions and studies Jewelry and Fashion at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Dreams of working at WETA Workshop.

A Russian cosplayer known as Adelhaid, Adelhaid lives in Moscow and is famous throughout Europe. she competed, won and judges many times in various conventions held in Switzerland, Holland, Belarus, and Romania and even represented Russia in 2013’s World Cosplay Summit.

Photo: Apchi Cosplay

Shani Faibishenko
Active in the cosplaying field for 8 years, judged in both AMAI’s Skit competition and in ICON Festival’s cosplay competitions and won multiple local cosplay competitions, including winning 3rd place in the WCS preliminaries. Shani specializes in wig styling, including stylizing wigs to order, and focuses mainly on Anime cosplay.

Skit Contest Judges

Adi Pozner
Started making cosplays at 2006 and won in various categories of AMAI’s cosplay competitions, including the Advanced Singles and Pairs categories. Adi was part of the cosplay team for years, and even hosted the competition. She has been a judge in the Skit competitions.

Shachar Agranat
23 years old, has been cosplaying for more than a decade, won nuomerous skit competitions and has even been a judge of some. Took part in communal original productions by acting, dancing, singing and designing. Today she is an animation student.