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When will the event be held?

The convention will be held on Tuesday, March 10th, 2020.

Where will the event be held?

The convention will be held at the International Conventions Center in Jerusalem.

Detailed information about the venue and how to get there can be found on the “About The Venue & Directions” page.

For whom is the event?

The target demographic of this convention are Anime, Manga, and Japanese culture enthusiasts.

We encourage anyone who is interested and wants to find out more about these subjects to come and enjoy the convention.

What is the convention's theme?

The theme of the convention this year is “History”.

What can be found at the convention?

At the convention there will be a variety of attractions, a large number of commercial and independent merchandise stands selling anime and manga goods, a large Cosplay (costume) competition, enriching lectures, fascinating panels, gaming areas and more.

More information will be available soon under the “Events” category on our main menu.

Do I need to pre-register to enter the convention?

There is no need to register ahead of time. You can purchase an entry ticket at the convention’s registers or pre-order online.

What does require registering or signing up ahead of time?

You can sign up to volunteer at the convention, host content, set up a booth and partake in cosplay events.

Please note: registering to host content or volunteer is currently available on the Hebrew site only.

What am I not allowed to bring in to the convention?

The ICC has its basic security regulations, therefore the usage any physical object that can pose a danger to people is strictly forbidden – For example, metallic swords (even blunt-edged or dulled), bats, clubs and other potential weapons that aren’t made of plastic, soft or padded materials.

Entry with any forbidden object will lead to its confiscation. If you are not sure whether your object matches our guidelines, please contact us via our “Contact” page with a description of the object. 

I am an armed soldier. Will I be able to enter the venue?

According to the ICC regulations, entry with any sort of weapon is strictly prohibited. You may deposit the weapon, before arrival, at the nearby police station across the street.

Will there be a bag check service?

The bag check service will be open to all visitors, free of charge, from the convention’s opening till 20:30. any unclaimed items will be taken to the Information stand.
Items left unclaimed by the end of the convention will be transferred to the organization’s storage.
Please note: The convention’s staff are not liable for the condition of your property. Please make sure not to leave any valuable or fragile items.

How much does a ticket cost?

Information about ticket cost will be available soon.

How much does it cost to enter the events of the convention?

The events are free and do not require any additional fees beyond the initial ticket price.

Where can I purchase an entry ticket?

Tickets will be available for purchase at the convention’s registers or during online pre-ordering.
Ticket sales will begin soon.

How do I receive a ticket ordered online?

Any tickets purchased online will be available for pickup at the designated reception booth for pre-orders.
You must have a copy of the receipt on you during pickup (either printed or on your phone). You can find the receipt in your E-mail conformation, sent to you after completing your purchase.

Please note: Tickets will not be sent via postal service.

Can I pay with a credit card on the day of the convention?

Indeed, you can! During the day of the convention you can pay with either in cash or credit.