Gunpla Stand

Gunpla (a portmanteau of Gundam Plastic Model) is the hobby of assembling models of robots from the Gundam series.
We invite you to come to our corner with your own model from home or a newly purchased model from the convention, and receive guidance and help with assembly, tips for the future and fun cooperative assembly. We’re happy to assemble with everyone – of all levels and ages!

For more information refer to the Facebook group Gunpla Israel (גנפלה ישראל).

We thank the store Little Akihabara for their cooperation in setting up the corner.

The Strategy and Card Games Corner

Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and Vanguard, are not just famous anime or manga. Every one of them has a successful and interesting card game, as part of the games room we will take care of learning to play, free play and even tournaments for experienced players. Come to learn and join the Israeli community. And most importantly come to have fun!

Hamamlacha is the leading hobby shop in Israel, that operates from its new home in Hankin 10, Hod HaSharon, Tel 09-8946404. Hamamlacha is spread over dozens of worlds of nonstop imagination and fun. In our store and stand you will find a variety of board games, card games, miniatures, comics, LARP equipment and weapons, figurines, outfits, Jewelry and amazing deals.

The Go Corner

A 4,000 year old board game from the far east, the rules are simple, but its depth is limitless!

The game is especially important in Japanese culture, and is known from the successful anime “Hikaru No Go”.

The corner will be active for the entire day and will allow to learn how to play, to try out the game and even play with experienced or beginner players.

The corner is operated by The Israeli Go Community, which aims to promote Go, Go activities, distributing the game, improving familiarity with the game on its various levels and increasing the number of players in Israel.


NINJA WARS – a game that incorporates strategy and luck, and spices things up with a lot of fun!
The goal of each player is to get to the castle on the other side, either by going straight to the castle or attacking the opposing side. There are obstacles on the way such as a lake or a mountain, and of course an ninja army of the opponent’s side. It’s similar to a war game, but with communication and fun. The game was created over 30 years ago by Ryokyu Endo sensei, but was mainly played in Japan until now. During Harucon 2020 NINJA WARS will have it’s official debut in Israel! You can read more about the game in the official website.

The corner is operated by Tao Sangha Israel.

Manga Cafe

Have you always thought conventions are a good opportunity to get to know new people? Want more friends to hang out with on the day of the convention? The social manga cafe is here for you!

In the social manga cafe will be several tables divided by conversation topics in various interests, anime and manga, and you’ll be able to sit and talk with others about your favorite titles – and so meet new people.

From what we’ve learned at previous events, the conversation topics will be opened and determined in a few ways – some will be open conversations about various topics, and the rest will be about shows determined by you through either a poll held in an event prior to the convention or at the convention itself, according to attendees’ wishes.

The hours of the event are 10:00-12:00, but they are non committal and you can come and go as you please while it runs. If you feel that the discussion is over at a certain table or were left alone, you can always move to another table to discuss other manga/anime that interest you!