Regular Ticket

70 ILS

Pre-Order Regular Ticket

65 ILS

– Available for purchase via online store, limited-availability.

Regular Ticket in Early Sale Price

60 ILS

– Available for purchase via online store, limited-availability.

Discount for AMAI Association Members

10 ILS

– For valid membership card holders.
– One AMAI membership card grants eligibility to only one discount code, for use only by the card’s owner.
– The discount code can be generated at the AMAI website starting from Saturday, 01.02.2020.
To order a ticket online, enter the code at the time of purchase.
To purchase a ticket at the registers on the day of the convention, bring with you the discount code and give it to the cashier. Please note: an AMAI membership discount will not be authorized when presenting a membership card at the convention’s registers, only when handing over a discount code!

Discounted Ticket for Soldiers in Uniform

65 ILS

– Conditional to arrival in uniform and presenting of a soldier ID card. Will be granted only while purchasing a ticket at the registers.
– No multiple discounts for AMAI’s association members

Children Up to 5 Years Old

Free of Charge

– Only when accompanied by a parent.
Convention’s management reserves the right to request IDs as necessary.

Ticket Purchasing Conditions:

  1. Tickets are not sent via physical mail. After the purchase, a link to a PDF file with a barcode will appear, which will also be sent by email. The barcode should be presented on the day of the convention at the “Pre-Ordered Tickets” zone (see the included “Entrance Area Map”). The barcode can be printed or presented through your phone.
  2. A ticket can be purchased on the day of the convention at the entry registers, both in cash and credit.
  3. An expedited entry is available only to disabled persons carrying a disability card. Please refer to register attendants or a staff member on the day of the convention.
  4. On the day of the convention there will be designated stands for scanning tickets purchased in an early sale through this online store. Please go to these stands only (see the included “Entrance Area Map”).
  5. For inquiries regarding cancellations or issues during the payment process please refer to the convention management via email: [email protected]. Cancellations and refunds are subject to a cancellation fee of 5% and will be available until Thursday 3.3.2020.
  6. There are no monetary refunds on the day of the convention and no multiple discounts.
  7. Every purchase and/or use of bands are according to the convention’s regulations, and constitute as agreement to its conditions.

For your convenience, a instructional video detailing the process of purchasing a ticket and entering the event grounds:

You can find answers to common questions regarding ticket purchase at the FAQ page.

Please note: at the top of the purchase page there is a language toggle.